AeroSIM RC version 4.10

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AeroSIM RC がV4.10 にアップデートしました。

またDJI F450では実際のDJI FCと同様にGPS/Atti/Manualの各モードや



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New in 4.1 (Oct 2013)

New model: DJI F450 (with new GPS hold function)
New model: Cinestar 8
New model Graphic options (e.g. boom colored position on multirotors)
Display model flight time and lesson progress on model selection dialog
Improved view when model near pilot
Added more time to multirotor Forward Flight lessons
Lesson multirotor does not force now FlightMode 0 at each lesson start
Improved selection of next Lesson from transmitter by waiting to center sticks
Graphic Option to Run in a framed window
Fixed crash when SwapInterval() not supported by graphic driver (i.e. graphics driver not installed)
New buttons for Manual/Attitude/GPS
Improved mouse click detection at low FPS


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