HornetCam F8 Multirotor

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Allied Drones社 HornetCam F8 Multirotor の販売を開始いたします。
HornetCam F8 は1100mmスパン、8ローターヘビーロード仕様のマルチコプターです。
クイックリリース機構を使用してCineStar Gimbal,MoVI,AV200,Z15など様々のカメラジンバルの脱着が可能となります。




2-piece lightweight and strong 6061 hardcoat anodized airframe
Aerospace grade, US-made, quasi isotropic prepreg carbon fiber components with an impervious ceramic coating
Hardcoat anodized aluminum motor mounts
Stainless steel and aluminum hardware
Unique, customer-specified laser engraved serial number
Available German-made Plettenberg multirotor electric motors
Hercules III ESC motor controller unit handmade in Austria
DJI WKM/A2M professional multirotor flight control system
Allied Drones “Echo” anti-vibration, quick release gimbal mount
Quick release battery plates
Custom Pelican hard travel case with laser cut foam padding
6S Standard – 8S (29.6v) optional
15″ carbon fiber or wood propellers
Custom tool kit and spare parts
Total Weight, minus batteries: 4200g / 9.25lbs
Dimensions, motor-to-motor: 1100mm



Additional Equipment Required

Dual 5000mAh 6S Lithium Polymer (LiPo, six-cell) batteries – 8000-10,000mAh recommended

For Aerial Cinematography Payloads – Required Additional Equipment

Camera-ready gimbal system including gimbal, stabilizers, video downlink, radio controller, camera, and batteries

Compatible gimbals include:

-Freefly Cinestar 3-axis servo gimbal

-Freefly Movi Brushless Direct Drive Gimbal

-Photohigher AV200 Servo Gimbal

-Photohigher Hero 3000 Brushless Direct Drive Gimbal

-Photoship One 3-axis servo gimbal

-DJI Z15 Zenmuse gimbal

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